Who we are and what we do

Who we are and what we do

The Foundation is not a part of the state run health care but it’s a Dutch private, non-profit organization that deals with advice and support to the development of visually impaired children and their families.


We address:

- Children 0-14 years with blindness or low vision and their families


What we offer:

  •  specific diagnostic-functional in depth analysis
  • course of early attention to the new born
  • psycho-education, re- habilitation, recreational and expressive intervention
  • parenting support


Our approach is:

  • Global: We know that sight has a crucial effect on the different areas of development of the individual. That is why our goal is not limited to " care " for the impairment, but to " take care " of the child in the whole.
  • Personalised: We intend to promote the growth of the child through: an accompaniment in the different developmental stages, an empathic listening to the difficulties of the family, suggestions of environmental facilities that allow the child to acquire the greatest possible independence.
  • Integrated: we don’t consider the child as an entity in his own but an individual inserted in a family and social context increasingly articulated in the various stages of development. Our focus is therefore also directed to the various figures involved in the child's growth.

In addition to clinical activities, the Foundation offers:

  • advice to operators in the area
  • training to students and professionals
  • research on issues of visual impairment
  • collaborations with academia and other Italian and foreign institutions



All services offered are free of charge.



The Padua Center

The Padua Center offers diagnostic and functional consultations (for children from 0 to 8 years) and support courses (for children from 0 to 14 years).

During the consultation, through observation and multidisciplinary evaluation by professionals of the Centre, we try to answer parents’ requests with diagnostic in-depth analysis and better understanding of the "low vision and blindness world”.

At the end of the consultancy, the Centre may start to provide a therapy  as outpatient which provides a customized proposal to individuals or groups with educational and rehabilitative interventions.

The Center remains available for advice to both health workers and school personnel.


Regional Authorization (Veneto) exercise as a private non-residential intensive rehabilitation- out patient hospital classified BC / 4, Regional Law 22 of August 16, 2002

Cannero Riviera Center (VB)

The Cannero Riviera Center proposes taking charge with residential stays for children from 0 to 4 years old and their families.


The first stay has duration of 2 weeks and is followed by further stays of a week. Each stay offers the possibility of sharing the experience with other families in a "personalised" project for each individual household.


It’s also proposed functional overview and child development monitoring with observation / evaluation days.


For children in the area, outpatient interventions will be provided with targeted treatments aimed at the completion of rehabilitation proposals activated from the local services.


Regional Authorization (Piemonte) opening and operation as an Institute of rehabilitation and medical-social rehabilitation for persons with visual impairment and handicaps added D.G.R. n. 38-44165

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